About Me

How did I get here?

Mike Spain Woodworks started in a small, one-car garage with just a miter saw, a passion for building and a healthy addiction to YouTube.  In 2017, I decided to use this energy and passion for woodworking to knock out some wish list items for my fiancé and my family.  After completing projects here and there, they would inevitably end up on social media, and people would ask me "How can I  get one of those...?" or "How much for one of your...?". One thing led to another, and now I'm building all sorts of things for all sorts of people and some small local businesses.

What do I make?

Well, a lot of things.  I am limited in the size of what I can take on due to the constraints of my shop, so no sailboats at this time.  Aside from that, it's completely up to you.

I make everything from fine furniture items like tables and jewelry boxes to reclaimed wood decor for inside and outside of the home.  Whatever it is, I enjoy making it as much as you'll enjoy having it.

What does this mean for you?

Man, you ask a lot of really good questions!

What this means for you is:  If you want it and are willing to pay for custom craftsmanship and quality materials, I can build it for you.

Maybe you have a specific piece in mind, or maybe you only have a vague idea.  Whatever your needs are, I can help find the right solution for you.  Contact me and let's put our heads together.